EnGreen , in collaboration with RES4AFRICA, is giving classes during the Training of Trainers, a specific module of Micro Grid Academy, whose goal is to :

· Introduce future MGA trainers to Pedagogy i.e. interactions between teachers, students, and the learning environment, the learning tasks as well as the instructional approaches implemented in the classroom;
· Prepare future MGA trainers on the use of the Standard Curriculum and handbook developed;
· Opportunity to practise the delivery of key sessions;
· Opportunity to collect feedbacks on the above mentioned materials from the participants and enable a discussion between lecturers and future trainers.

The Micro-Grid Academy (MGA) was launched by RES4AFRICA in January 2018 and reached, in its pilot years of training activities, more than 200 people coming from all the East-African countries and beyond.
The specific objective of the MGA is to conduct capacity building activities upon energy access and decentralized renewable energy solutions directed towards East-African young technicians, managers and engineers, supported by a real 20-40 kW mini-grid system installed on-site. This will contribute to emhancement of access to energy in rural communities and foster local enterprise and job creation.