SUPREMAS (GA n. 101160713) objective is to enable circular value chains where multiple residues, discarded from different processes, will be valorized providing electricity, heat and cooling and new materials. SUPREMAS will develop cost-effective modular and movable syngas production units particularly suitable to treat sewage sludge, digestate and MSW. It will also develop a  Decision Support Tool. Environmental sustainability and technical-economic viability of the proposed solutions will be validated through a demonstration campaign in two different EU countries (Spain and Portugal).

Involved Partners

Rina Consulting, Malardalens Universitet, Reset, Fundacion Circe Centro De Investigacion De Recursos, Artelys, Steinbeis Innovation , Fundecyt – Parque Científico Y Tecnológico De Extremadura, Agroamb Prodalt, S.L., Engreen , Wirtschaft Und Infrastruktur Gmbh & Co, European Renewable Gas Registry, Cmpeae – Empresa De Aguas E Energia Do Municipio do Porto.

Total project cost

6M €

Target countries

Spain and Portugal