EnGreen was able to win, together with the public administrations of Antrodoco and Viticuso, a grant from the Lazio Region for a feasibility study on the two energy communities.
For the study prepared for the Municipality of Viticuso,EnGreen collaborated with the ED Engineering & Design S.r.l.. Thanks to the same grant, it will also be possible to cover the initial bureaucratic and notarial expenses to establish the most suitable legal framework for the territory.

The final design of the Renewable Energy Community (REC) of Viticuso aims at providing sufficient technical and economic elements to assess the costs associated to public-owned renewable generation plants, to be built on municipality’s surfaces. To produce electricity locally, several renewable energy technologies have been considered. The installation of photovoltaic panels was the most advantageous option thanks to the easier phase of construction and installation and the modularity of photovoltaic systems.

Public administrations, individual citizens, local businesses are called to participate in the process of electricity supply of their community, and the organizational model of RECs allows them to face this challenge with the appropriate tools. Moreover, the social impact study campaign carried out through meetings with the population and the administration of Viticuso, highlighted that the REC has proven to be a useful tool to increase effective dialogue between residents and the administration.