Engreen was commissioned by the Municipality of Guardabosone to develop a citizen-led Renewable Energy Community (REC) with a strong dedication to environmental conservation, the use of local renewable energy sources and the reduction of energy poverty.
Particularly, a study of the technical and economic feasibility of a renewable energy community for the municipality of Guardabosone was drafted.

The Municipality benefits from a geographical location favourable to the exploitation of renewable resources and therefore to the installation of green energy systems as it is placed on a hill with a marked south orientation and a good elevation with respect to the horizon and, finally, the public heritage it consists of several buildings that enjoy excellent exposure to the sun. According to the incoming legislation which defines the perimeter of the CER as the utilities underlying the same Primary Substation, the entire territory of the Municipality of Guardabosone could be covered by a Renewable Energy Community; therefore, the country could see the entire electricity needs of residential and private buildings completely satisfied by local renewable production.
In addition to photovoltaic installation systems, the installation of columns for recharging electric vehicles and the replacement of gas boilers with electric heat pumps were considered. This manoeuvre allows would like to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

The establishment of the Renewable Energy Community of Guardabosone will take place in the coming months following the analysis of the most suitable legal form and the preparation of the appropriate documentation prepared with the support of EnGreen.