EnGreen has been appointed by Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub (RECAH) program, an initiative of European Commission to provide technical assistance to the Baia dei Gelsomini Renewable Energy Community initiative.
Baia dei Gelsomini is a resort area located along the coast of Palizzi Marina, Reggio Calabria.

The main purpose of this feasibility study of the Renewable Energy Community (REC) of Baia dei Gelsomini reveals legal, technical, economic and financial insights of a roadmap with different scenarios of energy self-consumption, mainly through photovoltaic power plant and storage. It also provides the necessary details for the purposes of the permitting stage.

Through the implementation of photovoltaic systems, it is possible to take advantage of the abundant solar resources that benefit the southern region of Italy, especially during the lively summer season when the condominium registers high levels of activity. In addition to the production of energy from renewable sources, an energy demand management action has been planned to strategically shift the main electrical loads during daylight hours so as to maximize self-sufficiency, minimising the need for energy storage and further optimising the use of renewable resources.

The final design of the Renewable Energy Community (REC) of Baia dei Gelsomini aims at providing sufficient technical and economic elements to assess the costs associated to private-owned renewable generation plants, to be built on condominium’s surfaces.

The main objective of the energy community is the complete energy autonomy for the consumption related to common condominium facilities.