Engreen, jointly with the EU-funded project REC-HUB ( Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub) suppoerted the creation of the C.E.R.A. (Comunità Energetica Rinnovabile di Antrodoco) led by the Municipality with the wide partecipation of citizens, commercial activities and public facilities of this small town in Central Italy. The interest of multiple commercial activities and public actors such as the local Water Utility which account respectively for 50% and 18% of the total annual consumption of the whole community was crucial to achieve an effective balancing of electric load vs. generation

Photovoltaic systems will help maximizing daily self-consumption using private and public roofs. Additionally, a cogeneration CH&P plant will increase the local biomass value chain to generate heat for a small industrial area through a district heating distribution system. The combination of these renewable sources could lead to a ground-breaking initiative in the area and pave the way for similar projects at the national level!

EnGreen strives for the decarbonization and energy security of Antrodoco and future municipalities willing to cooperate with to bring direct benefit with Renewable Energy Communities!