EnGreen succeeded in winning, together with the public administration of the Municipality of Pineto, a significant contribution from the European programme called EUCF (European City Facility) to conduct a feasibility study on the future Renewable Energy Community.

The objective of the feasibility study will be to assess the opportunities and challenges related to the implementation of the CER in the Pineto area and the municipalities belonging to the same primary cabin. Several aspects will be considered, including available energy resources, existing infrastructure, potential partners and local stakeholders, as well as the most suitable governance and financing models. In addition to the feasibility study, thanks to the grant obtained, the first pilot plant will be built, thanks to which, the CER in Pineto will be launched. The project will last one year. Thanks to the EUCF European programme, municipal technicians and partners will also have the opportunity to participate in a training course on energy efficiency directly in Brussels.

This initiative will not only help promote the adoption of renewable energy at the local level, but also stimulate the economic and social development of the community involved. The active participation of citizens and local institutions will be crucial to ensure the success and long-term sustainability of such projects.

EnGreen and the Pineto public administration thus demonstrate a concrete commitment to the energy transition, embracing innovative solutions and working together to create a greener and more sustainable future for present and future generations.