EnGreen is working to promote and support the growth of Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) in Italy and Europe. In the course of its activities, EnGreen has adopted a comprehensive approach that combines administrative, technical, legal, financial and managerial expertise. This approach aims to provide 360-degree support to both private photovoltaic operators and local authorities and public administrations in order to facilitate the implementation and growth of CERs.

Despite the sector’s regulatory impasse, EnGreen has worked tirelessly to lay the foundations for state-of-the-art CERs, emphasising the technical and procedural aspects of such initiatives. In collaboration with more than 10 Italian municipalities, sustainable business plans for energy communities have been designed and developed that encourage the efficient sharing of energy resources among community members and the use of locally available resources. This approach not only contributes to reducing environmental impacts, but also strengthens the sense of belonging and cooperation among citizens.

In addition to these local initiatives, EnGreen has taken an active role in European projects aimed at promoting a transition to a more sustainable energy system. A key instrument in this context is the European Commission’s RECAH (Renewable Energy Community Advisory Hub) programme and the new European City Facility desk. As a partner in these projects, collaborations have been established with other regional and European organisations to ground replicable energy efficiency solutions with high innovation content in technology, finance and management.

In addition, EnGreen is an active member of IFEC (Italian Forum for Energy Communities), the national multi-stakeholder platform that promotes the sharing of experiences in setting up and managing CERs in Italy. The Forum plays an important role as an interlocutor towards institutions on normative, technical and regulatory issues related to energy communities.

The 3rd National Conference of CERs to be held on 23 November 2023 in Rome, will see the participation of CEO Carlo Tacconelli with a speech addressed to the entire national sector of practitioners, with the aim of enhancing the IFEC network and pooling the experiences and challenges still present and thus contribute to the progress of global energy communities.

At a time when the urgency of addressing climate change is evident, EnGreen stands as a key player in promoting and participating in the transition to a more sustainable energy system. Its experience and commitment to Renewable Energy Communities is an example of how collaboration between the private sector, institutions and communities can lead to a positive energy revolution.

Services: technical assistance, civil society engagement