The Municipality of Pineto, in collaboration with EnGreen, is at the forefront of promoting Renewable Energy Communities. Thanks to a major grant from the European City Facility (EUCF), a project has been launched to carry out a feasibility study and the first pilot plant for the Pineto ERC. This project represents a significant step toward a more sustainable future, promoting the economic and social growth of the community. To present this ambitious project to citizens, the City of Pineto and EnGreen are organizing an informational and citizen engagement conference on June 20, 2024, at 6 p.m. at Villa Filiani, Pineto. The event will be an opportunity to learn about the details of the project, participate in the discussion, and join the Pineto Renewable Energy Community.

Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) are one of the most promising solutions to promote the use of renewable energy and reduce the environmental impact of our cities. RECs are groups of users who work together to produce, consume, and manage energy collectively, usually through renewable sources such as photovoltaics. This approach not only promotes environmental sustainability, but also provides economic benefits, such as reduced energy bills and access to specific incentives.

EnGreen assists private PV operators and the Public Administration in the implementation of Renewable Energy Communities, starting from the bottom. Our team consists of qualified professionals capable of developing, implementing, managing and monitoring ERC projects, combining administrative, technical, legal, financial and managerial skills. We support PV operators in aggregating mixed consumption groups (residential, commercial, industrial) to maximize the GSE incentive (RID + CER premium). We also assist E.S.Co. in setting up collective self-consumption groups (AUC) for the condominium sector. In addition, we accompany Public Administration and Local Authorities in seeking and obtaining PNRR and EU funds dedicated to CERs and energy efficiency. We operate throughout the country, guaranteeing comprehensive and personalized support.